Why Emotions Hurt

Counseling Theology


  1. Introduction
  2. Psychology of Emotions
  3. Theology of Emotions
    • Emotions Are Expressions of the Heart
    • Sin Can Cause Negative Emotions
    • Emotions Are Symptoms of the Problem
  4. Conclusion


In counseling, it is essential that we have an accurate understanding of human emotions. If we are sincerely and successfully going to help others, or even help ourselves for that matter, then we need to understand what our emotions are and what our emotions are doing. Ironically, this is where many counselors fall short. Dr. Wayne Mack says,

[S]ome people (and, unfortunately, some counselors) seek to eliminate negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, or rage by attacking the emotions themselves through medication or behavior therapy.[1]

We have been misled with the false idea that says, “Emotions that hurt us are bad.” According to CBS News, Madalyn Parker, a 26-year-old web developer, wrote to her boss, saying, “I’m taking today and tomorrow [off]…

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