Sunshine Blogger Award Response

I want to thank Mrs. Holliman for nominating me for this award. Please check out her blog here. As part of receiving this nomination, I have been asked to answer a few questions:

1. What inspires you to wake up every morning?

I have always been a morning person naturally. Some of my fondest memories of getting up early when I was a kid are waiting on my dad to get home from work (he worked nights), and then him and I going out and playing frisbee in the yard as the sun came up. Now, I love to get up and spend time in God’s Word! I now live quite a ways from my earthly father, but I love to spend time with my heavenly Father in the morning in prayer and in His Word.

2. What is the purpose for your blog?

My blog has a fairly singular purpose: to help people love God through encouraging them to love God’s Word! I have been and continue to be blessed, corrected, grown, and led by God’s Word! I want to share some of that joy with you! My passion is helping you see how much He can speak to you through it!

3. Do you like to talk, walk, or jog?

I absolutely love to take long walks through the woods. Hiking has turned out to be one of my favorite hobbies! I find great joy and fulfillment from spending time in God’s creation with my family! We love to see all the animals and plants. We are also avid waterfall hunters! We love to feel the cool water from a waterfall flowing by our feet, and sit for a bit and soak in the natural beauty.

4. What is the most important thing to you when it comes to family?

The Bible has commanded that I raise my family by teaching them God’s Word. I take that command very seriously. I believe the most important thing that I can do for my wife is to be the spiritual leader that God commanded me to be. I do that by providing an atmosphere for her, through my encouragement, in which she can be the godly woman that God plans for her to be. For my kids, the most important thing I can do is introduce them to Jesus and teach them His Word! I want to live with my family through eternity!

5. Have you ever took a trip and got stuck there because of bad weather?

My friend Marc and my brother can tell you about a time that we were all traveling together on a Greyhound bus from Muskegon, Michigan to Greenville, South Carolina. We got stuck at the bus station in Knoxville, Tennessee due to snow. That was absolutely one of the worst traveling experiences I’ve ever had! If you’ve spent much time in a Greyhound station, I’m sure you’ll understand. I remember saying, “I’ll never move to Knoxville!” Well, what do you know? God had different plans, and I now pass very near to that bus station almost every day!

6. Does it snow where you live?

It does snow occasionally here in Tennessee. Although, we haven’t had a really good snow in a few years. Maybe God will see fit to give us a good (safe) snow this winter!

7. What makes you want to keep writing?

Hmm… Well, to be honest, I am fairly new to writing. I have never been much of a writer, but I felt a passion to share my love for God’s Word with other people! I feel like God led me to share His Word this way, at least for now. I keep writing because I hope that people will read Scripture through these posts and be saved and changed by God’s Word!

8. Do you like to ride horses? Have you ever?

I have only been on a horse a couple of times, and both times were more of a very slow trot than actually riding. I have very little experience with these beautiful animals.

9. What is your favorite type of bird?

My favorite type of bird is the Cardinal. I love to see the little tufts on their heads and to see them at the bird feeder. They’re really good eaters like me! I also like to see them all year-round because they stick it out through the winter months instead of flying south.

10. What month were you born in?

I was born in October… my birthday’s coming up very soon!

11. Where is your favorite place to eat pasta?

Well, I don’t eat pasta very often because I eat low carb. I do love pasta though, and I would say there is nothing quite like some home-cooked spaghetti with homemade sauce!

Thank you again to Mrs. Holliman for the nomination! I encourage you to check out her blog! Also, check out a few of my other friend’s blogs below. I have met many wonderful people doing this, and these people have encouraged me greatly through what they have written:

Marc: Counseling Theology

Ryan: Ryan Callahan’s Blog

David: Ettinger Writing

Robert: Watching Daily at Wisdom’s Gates

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